Thursday, October 28, 2010

Finally a finished project!

Remember when I was working on the mini dresser kit a while back?  Well I finally got around to finishing it :)  I'm pretty happy with the results.

The House of Miniatures Chippendale 3 Drawer Chest / Circa 1750 - 1790
Scale 1" to 1'

I added the penny for scale purposes and a few minis on top for decoration.  Some poor tired cowboy must be about to turn in for the night :)

The one thing that I didn't do was add the keyhole plates.  If you look closely at the picture on the box you'll see that each drawer has a lock.  I like the way the dresser looks in the picture, but then again I like it without the locks as well.  I can always go back and add them later.

All in all I think it turned out pretty good for a $4 kit from the flea market.  I used some Minwax Red Mahogany Stain that I already had and then I finished the outside of the kit with Minwax Clear Satin Polyurethane.  I did end up staining the inside of the drawers even though the kit instructions said not to.  I just think it will look better if I stage the dresser with one of the drawers open with clothes or blankets, etc. peeking out.


Lara said...

Your drawer chest looks great. I love the accessories you have on top of the chest!

Kim said...

it's really beautiful Jessie- you did a great job! If it's going in your saloon I think I like it better without the keyhole plates-looks right as it is to me for some reason. Maybe I think the keyhole plates look too fancy and formal? I really like how you've staged it right now- it looks perfect for a saloon!

CLARA said...

Una cómoda preciosa. Buen trabajo. Muy buena idea poner un cajón abierto con ropa. Me encanta.
Besos Clara