Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Beer Bottle Rings

This is a neat little project that I ran across online. I found an interesting youtube video a while back and I finally decided to give it a try myself. You can rub the necks of 2 beer bottles together and cause the top portion (where the bottle cap is normally) to separate from the bottle. The bottles have to be the kind with twist off caps - if it requires a bottle opener it will not work.

Since we have a collection of beer bottles lining the cabinets of our kitchen this project didn't cost anything to try.  Works for me! :)  (sorry for the blurry pic!)

Here is what the ring looks like once removed.  This actually worked for me the very first time.  Make sure you put your thumbs on the necks of each bottle in order to hold them securely.  Also be sure the bottles are pointed downward and away from anything breakable.  The ring will shoot off rather quickly once it breaks. The ring as you can tell breaks very smoothly, but I sanded all of the edges just in case. 

You can watch the youtube video here:

And just in case the above video doesn't work here is the actual link:

If anyone gives it a try please let me know how it goes.  I hope everyone has a happy Tuesday!

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