Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Celeste Debwa has arrived!

The travel doll that I told everyone about previously has finally arrived in Tennessee!  I would like to introduce you all to Celeste :)  She hasn't been able to meet Kitty, Sophie, or Olive yet as unfortunately we've spent her first few days here running back and forth to the hospital.  My Dad has been ill for a few weeks now and was admitted to the hospital on Saturday.  Thanks to the great doctors and nurses and some pretty good medicine he is doing better now and may even get to come home today :)

Celeste reminds me a bit of Emma (our last travel doll) as she has quite a bit of luggage already!

Celeste's owner also sent along gifts for each of her travel hosts.  Mine is this lovely acorn with a gold bead on top made to look like a jar and lid.  Its hard to tell from the picture, but it says "Coyote Cuticles" and has a small coyote footprint on each side.  Celeste's brother Jacob is in love with a lady named Chloe who owns a shop named the "Blue Cat Mercantile" - which is where I think the gift came from.  I wonder what else they sell there?

Please everyone go and check out Celeste's blog to see the pics that we've taken so far - and leave some comments :)

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