Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Celeste Travels the World - a blog recommendation

*UPDATE* I just realized that I didn't include the link to Celeste's blog - oops!  So here it is


I think I've mentioned Celeste's blog before, but I wanted to share some more with everyone today.  This blog has a little bit of everything - miniatures, travel, genealogy, and more!

Celeste Debwa is a 1:12 scale miniature doll that is currently traveling the globe in search of her family's heritage.  She is 22 years old and is quite the wandering spirit.  Up until recently the only thing that Celeste knew about her family was that her mother Jacqueline Debwa, left when Celeste was only a year old to join a gypsy caravan.  Her brother Jacob helped to raise her ever since.

A few things that Celeste has discovered is that her great-grandmother was a servant at a castle in the Netherlands.  There are rumors of a scandal involving her and a prince...!  Also Celeste found out that her great-grandfather emigrated from England to the United States where his last name was changed to "Dubois."

So far Celeste has traveled to:

New Hampshire
Waldorf Maryland / DC area
Derbyshire United Kingdom
The Netherlands

She is currently en route to Texas and then hopefully she will be visiting me here in Tennessee!

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised if you check out her blog and her great travel pics.  There is an amazing pic of Celeste standing behind the Department of Defense podium inside of the Pentagon!  Celeste also has pictures from the birthday party of Deborah Cavendish who is the Dowager Duchess and widow of the last Duke of Devonshire.

So far Celeste's blog only has 25 followers - a few more would be greatly appreciated ;)  So please stop by and say hello!


alilcrunchidoula said...

Thanks for featuring Celeste. I am sure she will be thrilled to visit you when her time with Sherry is done.

alilcrunchidoula said...

Oh and i think if we can get followers to 50 there will be a giveaway. :D

beyondbaffled said...

@ alilcrunchidoula - sounds great! Hopefully Celeste will get some more followers soon!

Kim said...

Thank you for the link Jessie- I'm going to go check out her blog! Celeste is quite the world traveler- I wonder if she could use a human sized companion?

beyondbaffled said...

Kim - I wish! I wonder how much shipping would be on a real person?!