Thursday, May 20, 2010

Healthy Thinking Thursday!

I know I've kind of been slacking on my Healthy Thinking Thursday posts - actually on blogging in general.  I think one of my biggest problems is that I take too much on at once.  So to try and be more effective I have decided to work on just one goal at a time.  Of course the first goal that came to mind was "Lose Weight."  But honestly I think even that may be asking too much of myself right now so I decided to go with something simpler. 

My next thought was "Move More."  But even my goal of walking a mile a day at work hasn't been doing it for me.  Real life issues, ongoing health issues, and just an overall lack of motivation just seem to be taking their toll.

So I decided to go even simpler.  My goal for now is going to be to "Play More."  So I thought I'd include a fun pic of my marbles - to remind me to keep on playing!  Maybe this way I'll get a little exercise in without even thinking about it.  And I'm not promising that I'll have a new goal each week either, I'm going to take as long as I need to work on each one.

By the way, my schedule at work has changed so now Thursdays are my day off, which is one of the reasons that this post is so late.  I've been out playing...  :)


Steve Julian said...

Be SMART with your goals: specific - I want to lose 10 pounds, Measurable - 10 pounds, achievable - 10 pounds sounds like it can be done, realistic - sure it's only 10 pounds, timely(time bound)- in 2months.
good luck with your goals.

Kim said...

hooray- I am glad you were out playing. I can totally agree with where you are at- I've been feeling the same way, which is why I refuse to weigh myself. Sometimes it's just too overwhelming and you just gotta focus on a little bit. Have a super weekend Jessie- hope you get to play :)

Angela said...

I play each day during the week with my wee ones (run a home daycare). I'm still not at the place of exercising each day but I KNOW eventually I just feels so good when I do exercise and I can't wait till I am doing this on a consistent basis. Blessings.

beyondbaffled said...

Thanks for all of the support everyone!